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This is a fast paced, challenging online shooting game where you've to take control of a Naval gun and try to defend your base from the enemies. Shoot missiles to destroy the enemy submarines and blow up the enemy planes before they damage your base. Good Luck!

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How to play Naval Gun online game

Use your mouse to aim and fire(left click button), and use the R key to reload.

The World's Largest Naval Gun - Ever mounted on any warship

The largest gun ever mounted on any warship was the Japanese 40 cm/45 Type 94 naval gun. The built-up guns were mounted as the main armament of the Yamato-class battleships that were in service with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. The turrets the guns were mounted in weighed 2,510 tons each, which is about the same tonnage as an average sized destroyer of the era. The Japanese naval guns were of a slightly larger bore than the three British 18 inch naval guns built during World War I, although the shells were not as heavy.

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