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It is sad but true: your cows have been infected by a strange disease. The cows are getting mad. Your only chance is to grab your gun, pick out the infected cows and get rid of them. You have 60 seconds to find 30 mad cows. Note: A healthy cow is behaving exactly like a cow should do. In this free online game you need to avoid these cows as it will cost you 10 seconds off the clock for putting a healthy cow down. Good Luck!!!

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Use your mouse to play the free Mad Cow game online.

The Mad Cow Disease

The Mad Cow Disease, is a fatal neurodegenerative disease in cows that causes a spongy degeneration in the brain and spinal cord. The disease has a long incubation period, about 30 months to 8 years, usually affecting adult cows at a peak age onset of four to five years, all breeds being equally susceptible. In the United Kingdom, the country worst affected, more than 180,000 cows have been infected and 4.4 million slaughtered during the eradication program. The first reported case of Mad Cow Disease in North America was in December 1993 from Alberta, Canada. Another Canadian case was reported in May 2003. The first known U.S. occurrence of Mad Cow Disease came in December of the same year, though it was later confirmed to be a cow of Canadian origin imported to the U.S. Cows affected by Mad Cow Disease are usually apart from the cow herd and will show progressively deteriorating behavioural and neurological signs. One notable sign is an increase in aggression. Cows will react excessively to noise or touch and will slowly become ataxic. Systemic signs of disease, such as a drop in milk production, anorexia and lethargy, are present.

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