Tricked Out Trailer Game

Tricked Out Trailer Game - Play Free Tricked Out Redneck Trailer Web Game

A sim game where your goal as redneck is to end up with the most tricked out trailer in the trailer park. Make enough money by playing poker, shooting beers, pawning something, scratch and win games and even going to work at a beer factory, so you can trick out your trailer with spinner dubs, spoilers, a new coat of paint, undercarriage neons, tints and even a flame job. Get all upgrades and win a spot on the cover of an industry magazine. Have fun!

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How to play the free Tricked Out Trailer web game

Use your mouse to interact when you play this free web game. To start the game, you'll need to either go to work or pawn something, then you will have enough money to play poker (if you pawned something worth $20 or more) or play scratch and win ($5). To play the skeet shooting game, you'll need to make $100, then buy a gun from the pawn shop. Work consists of clicking the green buttons in's monotonous, but it makes money. To upgrade items on the trailer, click the upgrade icon (the arrow) and an upgrade panel will appear. Here you can select the item you want to upgrade, and a new panel will appear. You can click on the item to view it on the trailer, then click the "done" button to purchase the item. Once you have all 6 golden beers (one is awarded for each upgrade), then you can click the "goal achieved" area and see your trailer on the cover of a magazine. There you can submit your score, which is the amount of money you have left over after upgrading your trailer.

What is a redneck

Rednecks live in the Southeastern United States. While they do not comprise the entire population in this region they do make up the vast majority of the people here. Typically, rednecks live in rural settings. They avoid urban settings. They are proud of their pick-up trucks or older cars and stick with them despite rising gas prices. They typically work industrial or manual labor jobs. The majority do not have anything beyond a high school education. Overall, rednecks are extremely friendly people but they are very reluctant to accept those different from them so it is hard for others to mingle with them or understand them.

Why do a redneck often live in a trailer

The most common reason is that it is a cheap way to own your own home, and it is fanzy to them as it is actually a mobile home, they are facinated by though that it is possible to move it. Rednecks are social people and by living in a trailer park, they get to be closer to their friends and enemies. As these trailers are sometimes poorly insulated, and stuff it also make the rednecks feel closer to the nature. To a redneck the benefits of living in a double wide is endless, and even better if it is tricked out. But, let's put the fact on the web, not all rednecks live in trailers. The reason why some rednecks are called trailer trash is because they live in trailers.

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