Redneck Pets

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Redneck Pets Game Online - Play Free Redneck Pet Web Games

This is the Redneck remake of the famous online game insaniquarium. You are an alien and you have just kidnapped a redneck village as pets. Just like pet hamsters and fish, you gotta feed them. Redneck Pets is a hilarious pet game. Have fun!

Play Redneck Pets game online for free today

Do you have an oppinion about rednecks, do you have a pet, and do you also like to play a fun web game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Redneck Pets game online.

How to play the free Redneck Pets game online

Use your mouse to interact in this online animal game.

What kind of pet would a Redneck have

The most common pet for a redneck is a dog, but being a redneck is much more than driving a truck and have a dog named Bubba. A redneck name, just like any other you give your dog, needs to be short enough for the dog to respond to and long enough to differentiate from his commands. Some good names includes Cletus, Harley, Larry, Scooter, Duke, Blue, Jed and Ram. When it comes to cats it is not as common as dogs, and also cats are more popular amongst the redneck women. Other animals that are somewhat popular amongst rednecks are horses, crows and rodent. Rednecks like horses but getting a horse is to expensive for most redneck families. When it comes to crows and rodents such as mice and squirrels, they are wild and free. The redneck just have to feed them some left overs and they will be happy. One great benefit for a redneck about making friends with a squirell is that is easier to catch him that day you are running low money and being out of food.

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