Redneck Olympics Game

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Welcome to the Redneck Olympics Games. Compete in the Redneck Olympics flash game and claim your prize as the top Monster Truck Driving, Hog Tossing and Pumpkin Shooting competitor ever alive in this fun sports flash game. Have fun!

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How to play the free Redneck Olympics flash game online

Arrow keys are used to drive the monster truck. Mouse is used to throw the hog and shoot the pumpkins.

Jeff Foxworthy's Famous Words about the Redneck Olympics

Here are a few highlights from Jeff Foxworthy's lyrics about the real Redneck Olympics. Greetings yall and welcome all you danged foreigners from other nations. Dear Lord be with our guests and prepare them for the butt whopping they are about to recieve. At the Redneck Olympics in Georgia there will be guys in the parling lot with shotguns, and there will be have a good pig bbq in the olympic flame and not let it go to waste. The Olympic rings are made out of five old tires nailed together. Instead of discus throwing, they'll be flining Ford hubcabs. There is no telling what you might find, off all the games that rednecks play. A redneck just do things in a different way. All the flash games that redneck play.

The Annual Redneck Games

The Redneck Games are held in East Dublin, Georgia annually. Some events that are held during the Redneck Games include: The cigarette flip, Bobbing for pig's trotters, Seed spitting, Toilet seat throwing, Mud pit belly flop, Big-hair contest, Wet T-shirt contest, Armpit serenade, Bug zapping by spitball, Dumpster diving, and Hubcap hurling. For each of these fun events, a trophy is awarded, it is a half crushed, empty mounted beer can. This annual event is said to be more fun than indoor plumbing.

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