Billy Bob Bash Game

Billy Bob Bash Game Online - Play Free Billy Bob's Bash Game

Hit Lite Beer as far as you can! Use your favorite characters from Trailer Trash: Billy Bob, Cooter and Peggy Sue! Collect beers along the way and impress the Trailer Trash judges and your friends with the furthest distance. Play this free online game and Have some fun!

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How to play the free Billy Bob Bash game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game. Left click to aim, left click to fire, left click to use fart boosts, left click to activate special items.

Why the name Billy Bob is so popular amongst rednecks

So, why are rednecks named billy bob? According to Billy Bob is the most common Redneck baby name today. Billy means constant protector and Bob means bright fame. A lot of rednecks like names ending on a Y, such Billy, Peggy, Jerry, Ricky, Tommy, and Bobby (mostly used for female rednecks). Rednecks also like to name their kids after their dad, as then they don't have to learn to write another name. Billy is also a name which could be used on both girls and boys. It is subtle reminder that rednecks often use their first and middle names because after centuries of inbreeding, they all have the same last name. The most famous Billy Bob in today's society is the actor Billy Bob Thorton.

What does bash mean?

Bash means to strike someone hard or violent, and that's exactly how Billy Bob will kick his son's rear end, to impress the trailer trash judges in this free online game.

The Annual Redneck Games

The Redneck Games are held in East Dublin, Georgia annually. Some events that are held during the Redneck Games include: The cigarette flip, Bobbing for pig's trotters, Seed spitting, Toilet seat throwing, Mud pit belly flop, Big-hair contest, Wet T-shirt contest, Armpit serenade, Bug zapping by spitball, Dumpster diving, and Hubcap hurling. For each of these fun events, a trophy is awarded, it is a half crushed, empty mounted beer can. This annual event is said to be more fun than indoor plumbing.

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