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Farting, Mullets, Empty Beer Cans, Fly Shooting, and Zombies, our awesome free online selection of redneck web games have it all. Why not try to play them all, start the day out with Billy Bob and Peggy Sue, and kick their son's rear end in the Billy Bob Bash game. Then why not some shooting at some ducks, flies and some of them saucers? After that you can visit Randy at his ranch, trick out your trailer, and interact with some interesting redneck pets. You should then help Bubba dress up as a redneck, before you show off your redneck driving skills when it comes to drifting and parking. Don't forget to test your knowledge in our Redneck Quiz, and enjoy some relaxing fishing the redneck way with some dynamite. Then you also need to try our awesome Shotgun Wedding game. If y'all looking for some fun redneck games to play online on the web, y'all came to the right establishment on the web. We have free redneck games online, which both rednecks and other people would like to play.

What is a Redneck

Redneck is a derogatory slang term used in reference to poor, uneducated white farmers, especially from the Southern United States. It is similar in meaning to cracker, hill billy, and white trash. The term is used broadly to degrade working class and rural whites. At the same time, some Southern whites have reclaimed the word, using it with pride and defiance as a self-identifier. The term characterized farmers having a red neck caused by sunburn from hours working in the fields.

The annual Redneck Games

The Redneck Games are held in East Dublin, Georgia annually. Some fun events that are held during the Redneck Games include: The cigarette flip, Bobbing for pig's trotters, Seed spitting, Toilet seat throwing, Mud pit belly flop, Big-hair contest, Wet T-shirt contest, Armpit serenade, Bug zapping by spitball, Dumpster diving, and Hubcap hurling. For each of these fun events, a trophy is awarded, it is a half crushed, empty mounted beer can. This annual event is said to be more fun than indoor plumbing.

Rednecks think it is fun to play free a web game

Even rednecks are having fun these day when they play a free online game. As they don't have much money they love that the games are free to play. All in all, our selection of free Redneck Games are just a silly, good fun time. So why don't you play one of these online games too?