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In this free online game you get to help former President Barack Obama personally free the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Before leaving the American mainland he wrote the following letter to the American people. Dear Americans, I finally decided to save terrorist prisoners of Guantanamo Bay by myself. These are human being which have the right to second chance in life. I will rescue these prisoners and bring them back to America, pardon them and grant them all citizenship. So, when you read this letter, I will already have left the USA on my journey to Cuba. I am asking you to believe in me, because Yes, I can save them. I have no choice, I must not fall. Together we can change this country into a sanctuary for criminal aliens. We have no choice, we must not fail. - Barack O. - 44th President of the USA. Do you have what it takes to help Obama complete his mission in this free web game? Have Fun!

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How to play the free Barack O Break game online

Use arrow keys to play this fun web game. Click spacebar to throw keys. Throw keys to free the terrorist prisoners.

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