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The sequel to the popular platformer featuring new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Did you enjoy the first web game in the Red Ball francise, well then you will love all the fun this one will bring. One day the Red Ball, the King of the Monarchy of Balls, walked his country with his crown. It was a very warm day and Red Ball was very happy. "Hey! This is an awesome day!", he said. Suddenly, a strong wind came from nowhere and took Red Ball by surprise... The wind blew of his crown, and it got lost. This was making the Red Ball king very worried, because will the other balls still treat him nice if he don't have a crown? He started looking around for it, but couldn't find it. Clearly he will need your help. So, get ready and join him on a quest to get back his crown in this free web game. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Red Ball 2 game online

Use WASD or arrows to move and jump. R key to restart. P key to pause. Q key to quit.

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