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Everything is going horribly wrong for this magician and his performance, the audience are heckling him, tricks are all old hat... until he gives a display of true magic, opening a gate to an alternate dimension. The audience are impressed... until they're sucked in, magician and all. Now it's up to him to save his audience, and take advantage of the magical elements bestowed upon him to complete the task in this web game. Have Fun!

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How to play the free The Pretender Magic game online

Use the arrow keys to move around. Use the spacebar to skip speech. Use powers by clicking the spacebar.

Magicians are pretenders to uprightness

A magican is an entertainer who performs magic by creating the illusion of impossible or supernatural feats. Their acts trick you by them pretending that something happening, while it is just an illusion. Throughout history, there have been many pretenders who have claimed having secret knowledge was a result of supernatural powers, insofar as certain platitudes alluding to an ability and knowledge of the occult techniques often felt could be of great importance. Perhaps the oldest example of this is knowledge of the jealously guarded secret of the making and tending of fire.

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