Ninja Rampage Game

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Finish all the levels by killing the guards in the Ninja Rampage game. The best way to kill the guards is to wait until they have their backs turned on you, come up from behind and strike. Look out for traps, these will not only kill you but you can also lure enemy units into these traps. To succeed in this free online game you need to start thinking like a ninja and figure out how you can use your skills to your advantage. Have Fun!

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How to play Ninja Rampage flash game online

Use the Arrow Keys for Movements, and Attack with A,S and D Keys.

What does going on a rampage mean

Rampage is an occurrence of wild and usually destructive behavior by one or more individuals. When an indivuals behavior change from normal to destructive, it means that the person is going on a rampage. It similar to the term riot, which is what we use to describe several people on a rampage. Rampage is a frequently used term in online fighting flash games.

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