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Frogs and ninjas are the best jumpers on earth, and the Ninja Frog is unstoppable. Use your wit in this innovative action puzzle game. Jump from one platform to the next or even the wall. Avoid the slippery green goo or you'll slide down to your peril. In thiss free web game you need to solve the puzzles of each stage to advance to the next, it gets pretty tricky. Have Fun!

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How to play Ninja Frog game online

Use your Mouse to Aim and Jump. Click Space bar to Pickup or Throw Objects. Use the keys M for Mute, P for Pause, and R to Reset your level.

Japanese Fighting Frogs Use Wolverine Claw During Combat

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Noriko Iwai, has discovered a rare breed of frog which has combat ready retractable spikes that shoot from its fingers. The discovery, which is published in the Journal of Zoology, reveals how the Otton frog uses spikes which protrude from a false thumb for both combat and mating. Why these fifth fingers exist in some species remains an evolutionary mystery, but the extra digit of the Otton is in fact a pseudo-thumb, said Iwai. The digit encases a sharp spine which can project out of the skin, which fieldwork demonstrates is used for combat and mating.

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