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Do you love Halloween games, then you should try to play the Zombie Defense Agency game. Just play and have fun. Play Zombie Defense Agency Game for free at GreatWebGames.com. Zombie Defense Agency Game is a fun and scary zombie Halloween game. Get ready to defend your little town from the Zombies, challenge your oponents and try to survive in this crazy zombie battle. Opponents get tougher as you win battles. The Zombie Defense Agency game is a Halloween Zombie Game brought to you by Miniclip.com. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Miniclip Zombie Defense Agency game online

Use your mouse to play this online game (point and click). Zombies and nasties enter from points marked with incoming arrows, and exit from points marked with outgoing arrows. Use the weapons at your disposal to make sure that they do not get through. Use the menu to buy weapons and place them on the game area. Build complex defenses by building mazes with your weapons. Each tower can be upgraded. The tower's current level can be shown above it. Use the menu to sell and upgrade your selected tower. Some towers can burn, poison or slow down the zombies. There are many different kinds of zombie all with different strength and weeknesses. Some have special abilities like healing. Click the question mark button at any time to access the help menu.

Zombie Defense Agency is another cool Halloween game from Miniclip

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Zombie Defense Agency in the begining

In the beginning the Zombie Defense Agency did not exist until two highly trained and motivated corrections officers discovered an increasing threat growing in their own correctional facilities. Most people would think the increasing threat would come from more prison gang violence within the correctional facility itself, but that is not where or what the new found threat had come from. The gang violence just helped that threat increase.

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