Young Lee

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Young Lee Fighting Game Online - Play Free Young Lee Web Game

In this web game your objective is to kill the evil master, who killed your sensei. Prior to your mission you will receive training from your sensei which will teach you the basics of martial arts. It's highly recommended that you take the training to successfully learn how to play the Young Lee fighting game online.

Play Young Lee fighting game online today

Do you like to play a fighting game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Young Lee fighting game online.

How to play Young Lee fighting game online

Use the arrow keys for movements, and the Q and W keys for attacking.

Who is Young Lee

I found this on Wikipedia. Young Lee is the co-founder of Pinkberry, a chain of frozen yogurt stores. He studied interior design at Parsons School of Design. he cited to Fast Company his design influences for branding Pinkberry included mom and pop yogurterias of Italy. In January 2012, cofounder Young Lee was arrested on an outstanding warrant for assault with a deadly weapon, issued in June 2011 after he beat a homeless man with a tire iron. Young Lee was on a flight inbound from Korea when the LAPD was notified by a federal database. Prosecutors said Young Lee and another man chased the homeless man and beat him down with the tire iron because Lee found the transient's sexually explicit tattoo offensive. LAPD officials said that Young Lee demanded that the man kneel and apologize, the man consented, but Lee attacked him anyway, chasing him down, kicking him and beating him down with a tire iron. Young Lee's lawyer gave a different account of the incident describing the homeless man as threatening Young Lee and the passengers in his car. Pinkberry's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Design Laura Jakobsen responded to the Young Lee arrest with this statement that firmly distances the co-founder from the company's current operations.

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