Muay Thai 2 Game

Muay Thai 2 Online - Play Free Muay Thai Fighting Web Game

Your aim is to play as a young Muay Thai Boxer and take on the henchmen as you make your way through various levels and finally get the Big Boss. In this free online game you have to clear all the baddies in each fighting zone to proceed to the next one. You can upgrade your strength and power factors at the end of each level after you have defeated the level boss. So, go ahead and eliminate the evil gang before entering the thai fighting ring! Have Fun!

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How to play Muay Thai 2 online

Use the following keys when playing Muay Thai 2: Move Around = Arrow Keys, Block = Z Key, Punch = X Key, Kick = C Key, Pause Game/Options = P Key, Resume Game = R Key.

History of Muai Thai Fighting

Various forms of kick-boxing have long been practiced throughout Southeast Asia. Based on Chinese and Indian martial arts, practitioners claim that these fighting systems can be traced back to a thousand years. In the case of Thailand, Muay Thai evolved from the older muay boran (ancient boxing), an unarmed combat method which would have been used by Siamese soldiers after losing their weapons in battle. Some believe that the ancient Siamese military created muay boran from the weapon-based art, krabi krabong but others contend that both fighting systems were developed at the same time. Krabi krabong nevertheless was an important influence on Muay Thai as seen in the movements in the Wai Khru.

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