Electricman 2HS

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Electricman 2HS Game Online - Play Free Electricman Fighting Web Games

The objective of the Electricman 2HS game is to knock out all your opponents before they do it to you. Use your awesome electricman "bullet time" moves and destroy your enemies stylishly. Batteries included. Try not to get mobbed by these ruthless enemies. Welcome to The Tournament of Voltagen! Wipe out your opponents and prove that you are the most powerful Electricman in the Electricman universe. Enjoy this free web game!

Play Electricman 2HS game for free online today

Do you like to play a free online fighting game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the Electricman 2HS game online for free.

How to play Electricman 2HS game online

Use your arrow keys to move the Electricman. Use the Q, W, and E keys for Slow Motion Punch / Kick / Grab. For a regular Punch / Kick / Grab you will have to use the A, S and D keys.

What is a Electricman

An Electricman is a very simple drawing of a person, composed of a few lines, curves, and dots. The head of an Electricman is represented by a circle, sometimes embellished with details such as eyes, mouth or crudely scratched out hair. The arms, legs and torso are all represented by straight lines. Details such as hands, feet and a neck may be present or absent, and the simpler Electricman figures display an ambiguous emotional expression.

Fighting game

The Fighting game is a video game genre where the player controls an on-screen character and engages in close combat with an opponent. These characters tend to be of equal power and fight matches consisting of several rounds, which take place in an arena. Players must master techniques such as blocking, counter-attacking, and chaining together sequences of attacks known as combos. Since the early 90s, most fighting games allow the player to execute special attacks by performing specific button combinations. The fighting genre is related to but distinct from beat 'em ups, which involve large numbers of antagonists. The fighting game genre's popularity stagnated as things became more complicated and as arcades began to lose their audience to increasingly powerful home consoles near the end of the 90s, though new franchises such as Dead or Alive, and the Soul series achieved success. In the new millennium, the fighting genre remains popular but retains a much smaller proportion of enthusiasts than it once did, due to the increasing popularity of other game genres and internet multiplayer gaming.

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