Travel Pursuit

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Travel Pursuit Game Online - Play Free Virtual Travel Web Game

Travel Pursuit is an online knowledge game that takes you on a virtual tour round the world, providing fun and travel inspiration along the way. You must answer questions correctly to earn points. If you answer correctly to at least three questions per round, you gain a bonus question for a chance to earn extra points. Have Fun!

Play Travel Pursuit game for free online today

Do you like to travel, and learn and answer questions about travel destinations, well that is exactly what Travel Pursuit is all about. Do you also like to play a free fun browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Travel Pursuit game online.

How to play the free Travel Pursuit game online

This virtual travel game is played with mouse only. You must answer questions correctly to earn points. Rollover the globe with your mouse to rotate it left and right. Click on a hotspot to visit a location or answer a question. Lifelines will help you answer the questions correctly. Once a lifeline has been used it cannot be reused again during that game.

Virtual Travel - The Future of Travel

The future of travel is often said to be sitting in your living room with a virtual reality headset, and the benefits of this way of traveling are endless. One day we all will be able to step inside something that looks like a telephone booth and go to another world, the virtual travel world. Just imaging going anywhere you want at anytime you feel like it, without having to pay for it, and don't getting yourself in danger or exposed to diseases. Travel to Maui and feel the wind on your face and the salt breeze. In London, travelers feel colder and are on top of a skyscraper looking down on the city below. Virtual reality also offers accessibility for older travelers or those who can't walk or fly. A virtual travel contraption like this can take them to an exotic destination they wouldn't be able to see otherwise.

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