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Are you interested in space exploration and feel yourself knowledgeable about that subject. With our Space Quiz Game you have a great opportunity to test your knowledge of the universe. Answer all the questions before the points run out. So you better think fast. Have Fun!

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Space is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth. It is not completely empty, but consists of a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles: predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium, as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust and cosmic rays. The baseline temperature, as set by the background radiation from the Big Bang, is 2.7 kelvin (K). Answer questions from quizzes on the web is an excellent way to test your space knowledge. Quizzes have been made about constellations, planets, stars, commets, milky way, and there is probably a quiz out there about everything you can think of which have to do with space.

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