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More geographical juggling from Mousebreaker! This online game really raises the stakes. Can you name all the US states within the time limit? Have Fun!

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How to play the free Geo Genius USA game online

Use your mouse to interact when you play this free web game. Drag and drop the states names onto the corresponding area on the map of the USA. A correctly placed state scores you points equivalent to the seconds left on the clock. An incorrectly placed state loses you 100 points, so be careful.

Naming all the states through a game is a good learning method

Studies have shown that we all seem to learn better when the learning is fun, and to play a drop the states online puzzle game is a good way for anyone who wants to learn the states. You learn both the names of the US states, and also their locations on the map. By moving the US states into their correct location it is easier to remember where the states and capitals go. The boundaries of the states may be determined by a combination of sea coasts, rivers, straight lines on a map, historic treaties, or may appear random. It is important to know and recognize the states and where they are in the US. The diversity of shapes and sizes of the states reflect their diversity of geography, and in many cases, history.

One of the earliest web game portals

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