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Come on over to the farm stand for some arithmetic. In this free web game you can practice your multiplication and addition skills. You're at the local farmer's market, and you want to buy some apples and eggs. The number and apples and eggs you need are shown on the screen as well as the current prices of each. Your goal is to figure out how much money you owe the farmer for your purchase. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price, then add them together for your total. Each time you shop, the prices of the apples and eggs change as do the quantity of each that you need. After about ten rounds the arithmetic game asks whether you want to keep going. When this happens, just click the Continue Game button to keep playing. This is excellent training for your short-term memory, because you have to hold the total cost of the apples in your memory as you calculate the cost of the eggs. This free online game offers a fun and effective brain training excercie. Sometimes to play simple arithmetic web games is the most effective. Complete ten rounds or more of this arithmetic math game as fast as you can, and I guarantee you'll give your brain a workout. Have fun!

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How to play the free Farm Stand Math game online

Use you mouse for all the web game interactions.

Learning by growing up on a farm

Only very few of us these days have the opportunity to grow up on a farm. A child's life on the farm is full of activities like 4-H and Future Farmers of America, as well as the typical childhood activities of bike riding, playing make-believe, arithmetic and sports. While the farm is a place of play and exploration, the children are taught that the farm can be a very dangerous place, too. Farm kids learn to stay away from heavy machinery, like feed-grinders and tractors, and other pieces of equipment that have power take-off and/or blades. The children make a gradual progression from jobs like helping in the family garden, preparing the farm stand and helping to feed the animals to harder chores like milking the cows and perhaps completely assuming a certain task when they are older.

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