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Improve your math skills in the Double Digits web game by adding or subtracting the given numbers. This math game is perfect for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders getting introduced to double digits addition and subtraction. This fun online game has an infinite number of problems so you can play it as long as you want, when you are gettting the hang of it, try to solve the math problems faster. To know the fundamentals of adding and subtracting early in life usually leads to success in life as a grown up. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Double Digits game online

Use you mouse to play this free online game. Choose whether you want subtraction or addition, then write on out the calculations on the left side, and the select your answer on the right side.

Addition with Double Digits

Addition is the basic operation of arithmetic. Addition is commutative and associative so the order the terms are added in does not matter. The identity element of addition (the additive identity) is 0, that is, adding 0 to any number yields that same number. Also, the inverse element of addition (the additive inverse) is the opposite of any number, that is, adding the opposite of any number to the number itself yields the additive identity, 0. When adding whole numbers, a place-value position can have only one digit in it. If the sum of digits in a place value position is more that 10, you have to regroup the number of tens to the next greater place value position. When you add, make sure you line up the digits according to their place values, as in the example below. As you regroup, place the regrouped digit above the appropriate digit in the next higher place value position and add it to the numbers below it. You must add digits in the ones place first, the digits in the tens place next, and so on. Go from right to left.

Subtraction with Double Digits

Subtraction is the opposite of addition. Subtraction finds the difference between two numbers, the minuend minus the subtrahend. If the minuend is larger than the subtrahend, the difference is positive; if the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend, the difference is negative; if they are equal, the difference is 0. Two subtract numbers with more than one digit you will have to stack them upon eachother as in the free Double Digits Game.

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