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YA Dancer Game

YA Dancer Game Online - Play Free YA Dancing Web Game

The object of the game is to match the dancing moves at the right time to accumulate points. You'll see combinations of moves represented by the Arrow keys. Pull moves by copying the combination of arrows that come up on the screen. The more perfect you copy the moves, the more points you will get. Dance On! Good Luck!

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How to play the free YA Dancer game online

Use your arrow keys to pull the right move at the right time, as indicated by the arrows above your dancer. The more perfect the moves you pull, the more points you get.

YA Dancer is another cool dancing game

A dancer is a very hard working athlete usually talented and dedicated to the art of body movememnt, and educated in areas of ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, modern ect. type of dancing. The term Ya Dancer is commonly used in Scotland as an exclamation of delight when something really good happens to a Ned, and just in case you didn't know: Ned is slang for a youth with problems or chav (NED = Non-Educated delinquent) normally an outspoken cheeky teenager, which also are referred to as hoodies.

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