Stupid Dance 2 Game

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Your aim in this fun online game is to choreograph the hero's dance moves perfectly to create awesome dance sequences and also help him win the dance competition. You have the option to select from different dance moves and music. In the edit mode you can arrange the dance steps synchronizing with the music and make the hero dance accordingly. In the competition mode you have to make the hero dance perfectly to proceed further and finally win the competition. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Stupid Dance 2 game online

Use your mouse (point and click) to interact. You create the dance by clicking the purple boxes at the top of the screen. Each number corresponds to a different move. You can have a preview of the dance moves in the preview Window. The question mark button creates a random dance. The Play and Stop button makes the dance start or stop dancing. Use the music player to select a song. For more details, please see the instructions included in the free web game.

Why some people think dancing is stupid

Some people think most people dancing look idiots. Others might say modern day dance, has turned into a 'look what i can do' sport, where the goal is to make other feels bad as they don't look and dance like some of those music stars. Often people who thinks dancing is stupid, they are a little bit shy and are also not any good at dancing.

Why people who don't dance might are stupid

They are not necessarily stupid in lack of intelligence, but stupid in the sense that they loosing out of all the joy, excitement, and positive feelings that you will only get through dancing. Dancing is about feeling energy and music it's an integral part of human culture.

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