Rock Starter Game

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Do you love rock music and wish you could play like your favorite bands, are you also sometimes thinking about starting a rock band. Do you also enjoy to play free web games? Then this must be the free online game that will make you happy. Here you get to make your own rock band. It is the ultimate music experience game. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Rock Starter game online

Use your mouse to add band members, backgrounds and lighting.

How to Create an Awesome Rock Band

It's really not that hard, all it takes are luck and talent. Talent you can get through lessons, luck on the other hand all depends on the time and the place. Find a drummer, guitarist, bass player, and a singer. Also considered getting a good keyboard player. Play some of your songs, and some old time favorites, make sure to choose songs that both the band players and audience will like. Practice, practice, and start booking gigs. Work on a demo, and get yourself a record deal.

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