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Don't Hold Back, Push the Button! This easy to play flash web game takes you back to the high energy music of The Chemical Brothers with a killer arcade style experience. Use your SPACE BAR to start the web game, to shoot at boxes, and to break dance (to deflect attacks from monsters). Destroying boxes raises your Galvanize Meter. When the meter is at 100 percent, press the ENTER button. Avoid the spinning blades, they will kill you. Enjoy an amazing game-play. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Galvanize game online

Use the Arrow Keys to play this free flash web game.

The Galvanize song by the Chemical Brothers

Galvanize is a song by British electronic duo The Chemical Brothers and the first single released from their 2005 album Push the Button. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in February 2006. The music video was filmed in Malaga, Spain. It involves three boys wearing clown face paint, who sneak into a club during a Krump dance fight. One of the boys starts dancing in the dance-off, but they are caught and taken by the police. Is the song Galvanize by Chemical Brothers your all time favorite, and do you also like to play a free dancing game online? Then you will love this free online game.

What does it mean to Galvanize something

Galvanizing is the chemical process where iron and iron alloys (steel) are dipped into molten zinc. The zinc adheres to the steel through a spontaieous electrochemical process resulting in a tightly adhering layer of zinc on top of the steel. This silver - gray coating does not rust and prevents steel from rusting. A galvanized iron pipe is rust resistant whereas its iron (not galvanized pipe) will rust for instance. Many steel items are galvanized. Fence wire, steel wire, steel cables, steel lamp posts, nuts, bolts, screws, sheet metal for buildings and automotive applications, steel gutters, steel roofing, etc. Galvanized material does not need paint for protection. Some paints do not adhere well to galvanized metal.

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