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Scooter Guru Game Online - Play Free Scooter Guru Web Game

Race your scooter down city streets. Jump off from ramps and perform stunts. Moreover, you have to avoid obstacles, such as cars and poles. Go as fast as you possibly can, as you are in a race against time. Make it within the specified time limit or faster to score maximum points. Good Luck!

Play Scooter Guru for free online today

Do you like Ham and Bacon, well Scooter Guru he is made out of both. Do you also like to play a free online bike game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Scooter Guru game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play the free Scooter Guru game online

Drive Around using your Arrow Keys, double up arrow for wheelie.

What is So Great About Scooters

Modern scooters with emissions-compliant, incredibly fuel-efficient four-stroke engines could really make a difference right now in America's energy consumption. Especially if people used them for what they are at best at: things like short commutes, light errands and student transportation. Scooters get gas mileage cars can only dream of. Still waiting for the 100 mpg car? The 100 mpg scooter is already old news; 200 mpg scooters are here now. A scooter is much easier to ride than a motorcycle. It is lighter, more maneuverable and sits on an easy-to-deploy center stand, this is not a kickstand. A scooter has no gears to shift, or clutch to work. The biggest drawback to a scooter is most helmets make you look kind of silly.

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