Mountain Bike Challenge

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Mountain Bike Challenge Game Online - Play Mountain Bike Web Game

In this fun online game your mission is to ride over the mountain top strategically and reach from point A to point B. This may sound easy, but it's all in your riding strategy. This is a straight forward game, but requires great skills to play. So you better start peddling! Have Fun!

Play Mountain Bike Challenge game online today

Do you like to ride a mountain bike, and do you also like to play a challenging web game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Mountain Bike Challenge game online.

How to play the Mountain Bike Challenge game online

Pedal Forward with Up arrow key, Pedal Backwards with down arrow key, Lean Backwards with left arrow key, Lean Forward with Right arrow key, and Brake with Spacebar.

Tips for how to best handle a Mountain Bike Challenge

First, do your homework read the entire race website to learn the logistics. Make sure to prepare everything you need for your race the day before. Eat a good breakfast consisting of mostly carbohydrates with a little fat and protein and be eaten over two hours in advance of the race start. Look up the high and low temperatures for the day and dress for both. During the early miles of the race, pedal with your cadence on the high side of your efficient cadence range. This puts more stress on your cardiovascular system than muscular system and saves your legs for later in the race. As fatigue sets in, allow your cadence to gradually drop. Mash your way up the last climb if that gives you the most power but always spin your way up the first climb.

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