Bieber Rush Game

Bieber Rush Game Online - Play Free Justin Bieber Web Games

Your task in this free web game is to help Justin Bieber run from the school to his car avoiding annoying fans and journalists. You will need to use your mouse to avoid enemies and collect bonuses. Try to get as much points as possible. Have fun!

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How to play the free Bieber Rush game online

Use your mouse play this free online game. Avoid enemies and collect bonuses.

Rush Limbaugh catching the Bieber Fever

Rush Limbaugh has become a through belieber these days, taking a stand against everyone hating Justin Bieber. Rush Limbaugh says in a statement "boys will be boys", and Bieber is no Obama. Bieber is driving drunk with, what, marijuana, cocaine or some such thing, at least he didn't run our economy into the ground, Rush Limbaugh, says in another statement.

Justin Bieber and Rush game among top Canadian music earners

For the year of 2013 Veteran rock act Rush came in ahead of country star Blake Shelton, classic crooner Rod Stewart, rap mogul Jay-Z, and even pop superstars One Direction and Elton John, with a 12-month total of $8,7 million, landing them close to the top. But, the biggest earner in Canada these days is Justin Bieber. with a grand total of $15,944,293.10. His album Believe helped him score $2.6 million in physical album sales, $806,000 in digital album sales and $1.8 million in digital track sales; but the tour was the biggest moneymaker, making him believe to the tune of $10 million. Sure beats working at McDonald's.

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