Bieber Hunter Game

Justin Bieber Hunter Game Online - Play Free Fun Whac-A-Mole Games

Aren't you sick of seeing this annoying kid everywhere too? This is your chance to hit him in the head, because this time he is the mole of a Whac-A-Mole game. Whac-A-Mole is a popular arcade redemption game invented in 1976, Japan. Have some fun while you hit little Justin Biebers with your hammer in this fast-paced, but relaxing online game. Have fun!

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How to play the free Bieber Hunter game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Why Whac-A-Mole is an Amazing Game

Justin Bieber isn't the only person loving to play Whac-A-Mole, this arcade game has been popular for decades. A typical Whac-A-Mole machine consists of a large, waist-level cabinet with five holes in its top and a large, soft, black mallet. Each hole contains a single plastic mole and the machinery necessary to move it up and down. Once the game starts, the moles will begin to pop up from their holes at random. The object of the game is to force the individual moles back into their holes by hitting them directly on the head with the mallet, thereby adding to the player's score. The more quickly this is done the higher the final score will be. Game play options have become more adjustable, allowing the operator and/or owner to selectively alter the high score, hits points, rate of progressive speed as well as the game time.

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