Bieber Bowl Game

Bieber Bowl Game Online - Play Free Justin Bowling Web Games

No this isn't a web game about his hair style and also you will not play regular bowling, this is a modified version. Instead of hitting pins you get to try to hit Justin Bieber. The object of this free web game is to stop Bieber using a giant slingshot and bowling balls. Hitting certain body parts will cause you to get more than others. How many time are you able to hit him? Have fun!

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How to play the free Bieber Bowl game online

Using your mouse grab and pull back the sling shot then release to send a bowling ball flying. Score different points for hitting different body parts.

The Bieber Bowl for Perfect Haricuts

Tired of getting haircuts that don't get you noticed? Introducing the Bieber Bowl, the new hairstyling bowl would make you look being just out to Just-in! The Bieber Bowl special packed design allows you just bop, bowl, and you're Biebered. Just imagine how adorable you will look.

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