Bieber Bottle Bash Game

Bieber Bottle Bash Game Online - Play Free Justin Bieber Web Games

Justin is about to bombard us with more of his horrendous music. In this simple but entertaining free online game you get to throw water bottles at him as a way to keep him from polluting the airwaves. See how many times you can hit him. Have fun!

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How to play the free Bieber Bottle Bash game online

Use your mouse to play this free web game.

What does Justin Bieber like to drink?

Justin Bieber is said to be a man who knows how to handle his alcohol. If we can believe the tabloids he loves to drink beer and also Hennessey cognac, but who believes whatever the tabloids say is true. From his looks he looks we sure he was a milk and orange juice kinda person. After some more research we found he actually loves to drink milk. Actually, he loves milk so much that he ordered four bottles of the stuff one time he went to Subway and his card got declines, but that's a different story. In fact, if you roll through the history of Justin Bieber and the tasty beverage, you'll find out how deep his love for Milk runs. Like, did you know that he can drink a whole glass of milk in 22 seconds? Justin Bieber always thinks milk is a good choice which taste good at any meals.

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