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In the bombing game Playing With Fire, you can, when you are playing the arcade web game for the first time, read the instructions in the main menu. The tutorial explains to you what you have to do and which keys you have to use. Afterwards, you can then choose whether you want to play this cool retro style PC game alone or with a friend. You can also determine the number of your opponents. Then you can start already. Using the arrow keys, you navigate your character through the playing field and can place your bombs. Playing With Fire is of course the theme of the free online game, because you have to try to place your bombs so well that your opponent is hit, but you do not get affected. For if you are hit by a bomb too often, your character dies and you have to start the free arcade game again from the beginning. But do not worry, with a little practice, you will surely be able to quickly destroy all enemies. Such a web game as Playing With Fire is obviously addictive and you will see that you will be playing this free online game with all of your friends during every spare minute. It is ideal for during a break or for any time in between. Here, you will never ever get bored, because ever more new levels as well new enemies demand your attention. There also are many bonus items that you can collect in Playing With Fire. They will help you to destroy your enemies faster. You just have to have played this online game and your friends will surely fell the same way. Have Fun!

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How to play Playing with Fire game online

Use your arrow keys to navigate your character through the playing field and can place your bombs.

Fun Facts about Mortars for Dummies

Mortars are grenade throwers, which are characterized by a relatively short-term. They are usually loaded from the front with filled fin-stabilized projectiles. Mortars are passive guns in their present form. The grenade consists of a warhead and a propellant charge. This is inserted into the tube of the grenade launcher. Therein, it falls down and hits the bottom of the mortar and triggers a shooting immediately via a striker. Mortars are used to support the infantry and can be fired very quickly.

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