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Blast away at enemies vehicles, soldiers, aircrafts, and other mechs as you fight to stay alive! A fun scrolling shoot'em up with bots. Attack the enemy. Spearhead the opposition. Infiltrate the adversary in this action packed, doomsday web game. Play this free online game today and help restore the earth. In the online Mad Mech game the essence is to kill enemies. The rule of this free shooting web game is quite simple rotating your Mad Mech and shooting as many enemies as you can. Try to minimize the number of survived foes, and try to avoid the attack from your enemies. You'd better kill those bastards before they do some hurt on you. Don't wander far, you are being watched. Good luck!

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How to play Mad Mech online

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Use your mouse for aim and fire.

What is a Mech or Battle Mechs

A Mech or Battle Mech is a large walking war machine that feature prominently in the fictional universe of Battle Tech. Mechs, which are generally either bipedal or quadrupedal in configuration, are controlled by human pilots. Battle Mechs debuted in FASA Corporation's Battle Tech, a board game of futuristic armored combat played with dice, counters and paper record sheets on a map of hexagonal territories. The first edition of the game came in 1984, and was titled Battle Droids and featured mechs based directly on those in the Japanese animated television series Macross and other Japanese animation from the late 70s and early 80s. The term Mech broadly applies to all mecha within the Battle Tech universe. Battle Mechs, those that are intended for combat or related operations, are the predominant variety, with the result that the term is frequently applied to every Battle Tech mech. Battle Mechs range in height from 23 to 50 feet and mass from 22 to 110 short tons in five ton intervals, with some mechs capable of ground speeds in excess of 90 mph. Mechs have a torso that can rotate to either side independently from the legs, but few mechs can do a complete 360 twist. The Mechs power is drawn from fusion reactors and are best suited for ground combat, although mechs are also capable of limited performance underwater and in outer space.

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