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In this platform web game you will need to go down, and also make sure you fo not get pushed into the spikes above you. The only way to complete the level is to go down. Jump down the platform but be careful of the obstacles. In the Down to Escape game you need to stay away from the spikey wall of death by leaping from platform. This free online game is Great fun!

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How to play Down to Escape game online

Use the Arrow left to move your avatar to the left. Use Arrow right to move your avatar to the right.

What is the definition of Escape, and some uses

Escape means to break loose from confinement; get free: escape from jail. Escape could also be to issue from confinement or an enclosure; leak or seep out: Gas was escaping from the vent. The term could also mean to avoid a serious or unwanted outcome: escaped from the accident with their lives. Botany To become established in the wild is also something we could escape. Used of a cultivated species. In Computer Science the term means to interrupt a command, exit a program, or change levels within a program by using a key, combination of keys, or key sequence. Ford Escape is also an auto mobile by the Ford Auto Company. But, here at AutoWebGames we only think about the Down To Escape Game, when we hear the word escape.

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